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L Basketball is a community platform dedicated to connecting Parents and Athletes with the best Private Basketball Coaches in their area. Our mission is to empower Coaches while providing a quick and easy option for booking basketball lessons for both kids and adults!

Our simple design allows our Coaches to keep more of what they earn. Unlike the leading Coach Finding Site, we don’t charge you a percentage of the session fee on a sliding scale. We want our coaches to keep the money they have earned through their hard work and dedication to their athletes’ improvement.

This philosophy allows our Coaches to charge their normal rates without having to pass through a higher cost per session to the Parents/Athletes or take less than they normally would receive for a first or second session with a new player.

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Coaches - Manage Your Private Lessons on L Basketball!

Coaches pay a small annual fee for access to our easy to use scheduling and booking system. Easily track all of your training sessions with L Basketball!

Coaches keep 100% of sessions that are paid “Cash on Delivery”, and 95% of those that are booked and paid online through L Basketball. That’s it!

The L Basketball platform also allows you to share and sell your original content and ideas, such as Workout Plans, Play Designs, Camp Runbooks, etc.

Build your client book and individual brand through increased visibility and positive results for your athletes and connections – sign up today!

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Meet Coaches

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